I’ve been writing for 20 years.  Below are a few of the projects I’ve had songs on.

Here’s a list of all released tracks:

A Love Like Ours2017JaimeLeeLindsey Luff, Jeremiah Creiglow
Advent of our God2014TCY Advent EPMichael Coia
Alpha & omega2009Ben Grace EP
An Eye for an Eye2016Facebook Live
Beautiful Soul2013Still Small VoiceAri Chand
Brightest & Best2017TCY Epiphany EP
Christ the Lord is Risen Today2016SoundcloudRobbie Klein
Come to the Lord2008EndlessBen Joseph, John Dennes
Come to the water2013Ari Ben - IgniteAri Ben, Ange Pickering
Cross the line2007HappenstanceNick Woodford, David M. Grant
Do you wanna?2007HappenstanceNick Woodford, David M. Grant
For Everyone Born2016SoundcloudOriginal lyrics by Shirley Murray
Hail Thou Source of Every Blessing2017TCY Epiphany EP
Herald in the wilderness2014TCY Advent EPNicholas Zork
Here I am again2007HappenstanceNick Woodford, David M. Grant
Homecoming2016Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
I wanna write songs2007HappenstanceNick Woodford, David M. Grant
I've wondered at the cross2009Ben Grace EP
If I'm not mistaken2007HappenstanceNick Woodford, David M. Grant, Ali Foster
If you're leaving2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
Keep you first2006Songs in a strange land
Lead me lord2009Ben Grace EP
Lift up your heads, rejoice!2014TCY Advent EPJeremiah Creiglow
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming2015Soundcloud
Long Gone2015Lindsey Luff EPLindsey Luff, Brian Elmquist, Brian T. Murphy
Mama2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
Nothing2015Silence Sunday
O Thou Who By A Star Didst Guide2017TCY Epiphany EP
Rejoice (The Light Has Come)2017TCY Epiphany EP
Remind me2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
Run2015Lindsey Luff EPLindsey Luff
Simple2013Ari Ben - IgniteAri ben
Slow & Steady2016Youtube
Splendour2015My HelpChrissie Pearce
The Winter is O'er2014Soundcloud
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy2015Soundcloud
This Christmas I've run out of things to give2012A Blue ChristmasLindsey Luff, Jeremiah Creiglow
Those days are gone2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
Tis a Point I Long To Know2015Soundcloud
To love like you2016Worship Book 2Elyssa Spall
Too soon2015Lindsey Luff EPLindsey Luff, Jeremiah Creiglow
Until it's true2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff, Brian Elmquist, Brian T. Murphy
Utopia2006Songs in a strange landDaniel Stewart, Luke Jurevicius
Weathered2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff
What I wouldn't do2017Lindsey LuffLindsey Luff, Kevyn Luff, Brian Elmquist, Brian T. Murphy
What is man?2003WonderStephen & Miriam Hindmarsh
With all my heart2009Ben Grace EP
You2003Living moving being
The Ballad of Jonathan Williams2016Facebook Live