Reverie: a film about her

Reverie: a film about her

I’m embarking on a series of short films titled “Reverie: a film about her” inspired by my wife Sara Ann Grace.

At this stage it’s mostly shot on my iPhone 5S and I’m creating a soundtrack for it in ProTools with some brand new tools I got for Christmas.  Reverie I features the Una Corda and Reverie II features the Symphony Series String Ensemble as well.  Both of these wonderful plug-ins are by Native Instruments.

I’ll be updating this page as the series unfolds but follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be the first to see it!  I would love your help to get to 1000 followers on each of these platforms by the end of April in time for her birthday.  So please tell your friends what you love about my work.

I’d also love it if you could refer me to any of your friends who make short films or who work in advertising/jingles etc.  I’d love more work creating soundtracks & making music like this.  You could forward them this page or even refer them to my Placements page.  See buttons at the bottom for easy sharing options.

Reverie I: Art

Shot at The Whitney through a toy kaleidoscope.  Soundtrack created with Una Corda by Native Instruments.

Reverie II: Winter

Shot at our local park at Cadman Plaza using the Slo-Mo feature.  Soundtrack created with Una Corda and Symphony Series String Ensemble by Native Instruments.

Thanks for checking out my short film series “Reverie: a film about her”

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