In January 2015 I got a tattoo on my left forearm that was to be my mantra for the year.

I’d had the design in my pocket for quite some time & I owe the idea to Barry Patterson.  Some time ago a friend of mine had set up a Skype call between us as I’d been moaning about not having a mentor.  When I spoke to Barry he confessed that he wasn’t sure what to tell me as he’d checked out my music & had enjoyed it.  But he offered me this piece of advice that as musicians & creatives we tend to overthink things & that maybe we need to keep it really simple:


So after I got the tattoo in January I started tracking my “progress” in these categories & I uploaded this to my Facebook artist page:


I’m pleased to report that my 2015 mantra worked.  It was one of the most creative & productive years of my life with a ton of songs finished, a publishing contract, & a full album underway.  More on this in a later blog!

One more thing before I sign off.  I couldn’t have done this alone.  This photo of the tattoo is from songwriting guild that meets at my apartment once a month to cheer each other on.  Join us!

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