Two weeks ago my worship collective “The Calendar Years” played PCTC2016, a Christian teen conference in Harrisburg PA.  I blogged about it over on our website & included setlists from the weekend.

As I was prepping for the weekend I was combing through lists that other worship leaders had supplied to me from other teen conferences & was becoming more & more jaded at how shallow all the lyrics were.  In my own church community (Forefront Brooklyn) a lot of my close friends were dealing with the loss of a parent & chronic illness.

So, as I often do, I sat down & wrote something that I hoped reconciled the “Hope Rising” theme of PCTC2016 with the season of Lent.  I’d been thinking about the musical term “Lento” meaning “slowly” & how fasting & penitence in Lent was meant to disrupt & slow down our rhythms so that we might have a closer walk with Christ towards the cross.

Here’s a video of the song live at PCTC2016 without the first verse:

Copyright © 2016 Ben Grace

Let hope arise from broken ground
In our mourning, healing found
On these dark and Lenten days
Dawn on us O God of grace
Dawn on us O God of grace

Guide us through the valleys low
The shrouded, sombre days
Teach our tongues and souls to know
The slow and steady way

Let hope arise from crippling doubt
In our weakness, strength be found
On our tears and sweat and rust
Shine on us O God of love
Shine on us O God of love

With ashen crosses on our heads
We bring to mind all the things You said (Lord have mercy)
From dust we are and shall return
From dust we’ve come and dust we always were (Lord have mercy)
With broken hymns and worn out praise
We try to run from fear and hide our shame (Lord have mercy)
We’re black and blue and battle scarred
But you remind us who we truly are (Lord we’re loved! Oh Lord we’re loved! Oh Lord we’re loved!)

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