Lindsey Luff at Bowery Ballroom

Lindsey Luff at Bowery Ballroom

Two weeks ago today I played a dream gig: Lindsey Luff at Bowery Ballroom.

When Sara & I moved to NYC one of the first gigs we saw was Oh Land at Bowery & I remember being blown away by the venue.  I never dreamed that I’d be playing there 4 years later.

For those who came in late, Lindsey & I have been writing together for several years now & last April kickstarted her debut record which is still in production.  It was almost exactly a year ago that we launched her debut EP to a packed crowd at Rockwood Stage 2 & it all seems like a blur.

I was really grateful to be taking the stage at Bowery to music direct some seriously amazing musicians & great friends.  It was almost an identical lineup to the PCTC band with one amazing addition, Nicholas Zork:

I’m grateful that someone random took it upon themselves to record the whole show so that we could relive some of the magic of that night at Bowery.

Happy birthday for a few days ago Linds!


  1. Run
  2. Long Gone
  3. Anything At All
  4. Wishing Well
  5. If You’re Leaving
  6. Remind Me
  7. Weathered

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