Brooklyn Beatitudes

Brooklyn Beatitudes

This past Sunday February 7th, 2016 at Forefront Brooklyn we wrote our own Brooklyn Beatitudes.

They were inspired by the words of Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount and by the writing of Nadia Bolz-Weber in her book Accidental Saints.

We dedicate these “Brooklyn Beatitudes” to every one of us who needs to know our stories do not disqualify us from participating in God’s Kingdom. You are loved.

Check out all of these over at our blog.  Here’s some of my personal favourites:

“Blessed are the men in khaki pants.
Blessed are those believers who doubt, who struggle daily in spirit and faith, who sometimes curse the day they were born.
Blessed are the people who are unsure of themselves, their direction and passion, the ones who have lost their way. May they know God still hears and guides them.”

The kids joined in with us as well providing artwork of themselves and Jesus and the featured image is one of those!

I hope you enjoy these Brooklyn Beatitudes.

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