A Decade of Dreaming

A Decade of Dreaming

Last night marked a decade of dreaming for me.  I first set foot in Rockwood Music Hall as a tourist almost exactly ten years ago.  I remember thinking that if I ever played on Stage 2 I would have “made it”.  So you can imagine how blown away I was last night as I walked on to headline that same stage with a bunch of people that I love and played to a packed room.  Best birthday present ever!

I also realized on Saturday that this is the very first pop show I’ve played under my own name.  Which is totally crazy!

Once you’ve refreshed your memory would love it if you could tell me which songs are your favorites by taking this poll!  Thanks!

A Little Story

I wrote this song recently on sabbatical and I’m really fond of it as it talks about the evolution of my faith from a limited, or “little”, understanding of God to a much broader, wider understanding of how Love is the engine of the entire universe.

My best mate @bengracemusic crushing it on his birthday at Rockwood. #bread #brilliant #happenstance

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This was a song that was making it’s way into the setlist in the last few months of the life of Happenstance, my pop band in Sydney.  I was pretty into the Kaiser Chiefs round the time we wrote this & I love how rock n roll this track is.

Here’s a sneak peek from our final rehearsal for the Rockwood gig:

And here’s a throwback to the original Happenstance version:

If I’m Not Mistaken

The only song I’ve ever made a high quality music video for & will never live down the emo guy-liner and hair flips.

Here’s the original Happenstance music video:

My Year

This song was a victim of the Happenstance demise & was never played live until the Rockwood show.  I love list songs & the challenge that I set for writing this was to mention every month of the year.  Super proud of this song & had a blast playing it for the first time. 


The first songwriter I met in NYC was Francesca Garrard.  I found a cute song of hers called “I Like You” on the New York Songwriters Circle & we quickly began writing together.  This gig was the premier live performance of “Spinning” which was one of the first songs we finished together a few years ago.

Here’s a version we recorded in the summer out in Jersey:

 All The Lover’s Hearts

Right after Happenstance and In Retrospect imploded my long time friend & musical collaborator Danul Stewart & I started a new project.  Being Peter Gabriel fans we dubbed it “Mercy St” but alas the band never played a gig or released any music at all.  I still love listening to the demos & thought it would be amazing to dust off one of them & play it live just for kicks.


One of my closest friends in NYC is Nicholas Zork who not only is one of the nicest guys ever but also happens to be a bad ass musician.  We haven’t written a lot together but this is a recent song that was also co written with Aaron Beaumont.

A Love Like Ours

In 2012 I met a producer in Nashville who told me of another artist who had just moved to NYC. I found her incredible song “Audrey” & tweeted at her never expecting a response. Not even a minute passed before she wrote back & a week later we met at a coffee shop which turned into an evening double date with our spouses. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am to have met JaimeLee & her husband Travis Randall. They’ve been like family to us. JaimeLee has recorded “A Love Like Ours” for her forthcoming EP  which I cowrote with Lindsey Luff & Jeremiah Creiglow back in the very shortlived “Tillary & Gold” days.


I love countin’ things & I’ve talked about this song a lot before on my blog.  I don’t know if anyone else likes it as much as I do but I don’t care.  It’s super fun to play live & it’s country storytelling is as close to autobiographical as my writing gets!  No excerpts of this from the show up online yet so here’s the video I recorded over summer.

The Ballad of Jonathan Williams

Sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction & I wrote this song to honour my boss Jonathan Williams & tell his crazy story.  It was so amazing to play this song for the first time in front of a packed room of people who know him & his family & feel the love & laughter emanating from everyone.  Truly a magical moment I won’t ever forget.

Thanks for all your love & support.  Would love to hear your feedback on what songs you loved.  You can take this quick poll below to tell me!

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